Argumentative essay.

Argumentative essay.Paper detailsRough draft 6- 8 pages with 4-6 sources due before November 8 . My participation in peer review and having my own rough draft is a huge part of the grade on this thankyou very much. For this essay, your goal is to argue one side of an issue within your topic.My topic this semester has been focused on mastering skills of great attorneys/lawyers soI need to stick to something around lawyers possibly persuading people to want to become lawyers I am open to other ideas as well as long as it is argumentative essaycentered around lawyers somehow. You will support the argument using research in order to convince the reader of your position. All sources you use should directlysupport and enhance your argument.Requirements10-12 typed pages of written work (does not included Works Cited Sheet)Avoidance of plagiarism (inadvertent or intentional)Works Cited Sheet ? correct formatCorrect in-text citationCorrect matching citation from essay to Works Cited sheetCorrect MLA format ? double-spaced, size 12 Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins, stapled, black ink/white paper, pagination, pagination font matches essay, clean copyClear thesis that takes a stand on an arguable topicIntroduction with frame: phrase, image, quotationObvious transitions/headingsFormat: 3-5 persuasive points within body of paper, with evidence and support for the thesis OR Counter-point Method with 3+ points & refutationsCause & effect examined, with clear use of key termsCounterpoint[s]Refutation[s]Avoidance of logical fallacyUse of logical appeal, ethical appeal, and emotional appealAvoidance of typographical errors, spelling mistakes, other errorsCorrect use of punctuation, style, grammar, mechanicsVariety of sources: book, ProQuest, newspaper, peer-reviewed, non-printConclusion with closed frame:

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