Arizona is a very interesting state. One reason is because of its geography. There are many amazing places of interest. Arizona is also a very religious place. I think that the trivia of Arizona is very informative. Arizonas history is one of the most interesting of all the states. In Arizona there were many important events in its history. Arizona had many important people. These people came from the major cities in Arizona. Lets get started. Geography Arizona is a very geographic place in the United States. Its longitude is 113 W. Its latitude is 35 N. it is the sixth largest state in the country, covering 114,000 square miles. Its bordering states are California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and the country Mexico. Arizona is a very beautiful place. There are many of valleys, plateaus, and canyons. There are also many rivers. Some of these landforms are Canyon de Celly in the Colorado Plateau. There is also the Colorado River, which extends to Arizona. Last there is probably the most famous which is the Grand Canyon. The population density of Arizona is 67 people per square mile. Arizonas elevation is 10,112 ft. as the highest point and 210 ft. above sea level as the lowest point. As you can see Arizona is a big place for geography. Places of Interest There are many popular places of interest in Arizona. The first is The Grand Canyon. It is a very popular and I think the most because its sights and how high it is, is incredible. Many people each year come to see this amazing place. The next interesting place is Hoover Dam. This is an amazing place and it is a man made wonder of the world. It is one of the biggest dams in the world. Next there is the Sedona Red Rocks. These are rocks that are in the color of reddish brown and stand tall in the Sedona Dessert. These are in the city of Flagstaff, one of the main cities in Arizona. Last but not least there is the Four Corners. This is the meeting point of the four …

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