Art HistoryPaper instructions:

Art HistoryPaper instructions:The assignment: According the readings, Ernesto Calkins and Edgar Kaufmann represent opposing views of the role of aesthetic design in society and the proper function of new design styles. In an essay, make a convincing argument for one view or the other or a combination of both views.In the process, you must articulate the main arguments on both sides, and answer to the concerns each author raises. For example, it is not enough to agree with Kaufmann?s ideals of design without engaging Calkins?s concern about economic prosperity. Likewise, it is not enough to proclaim that Calkins?s approach is more practical without addressing Kaufmann?s concern for standards and timeliness in aesthetic design.You must also use at least two specific examples of design from lecture slides (identified by designer, description, and date) and your knowledge of historical design trends from lecture material to make your case. Limit your references to course material (from lectures and readings) covered between the first day of class through the class just prior to the essay due date. Topics still to be covered in class lecture or discussion are off limits, and will not receive credit if discussed.!

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