artwork in the 1800s

Artwork during that Americans did were brought on by the European style of artwork. America eventually warped that style into their own personal style concerning the type of people from different cultures who had settled in America. Spanish and Indian cultures were where folk art came from. They were mainly of church and other religious focused artwork. The painting style from the English was also a hand in the definition of the nations artwork. Also before cameras were invented an artist would come and paint a picture of its subjects. At times a single artist would paint the same familys portraits year after year. Towards the end of the eighteenth century the style of painting was more pointed towards romanticism that at the time was popular in Europe. Rather than the straight forwardness of the earlier years. Many of the artist that came about in the time era of the eighteenth century to eighteen eighty were fine examples of this gradual change. Many of the artists soon to be mentioned helped with the definition of American art work during the eighteen hundreds. Such as Rembrandt Peale who was known for his originality and nature of his portraits. Rembrandts father was Charles Willson Peale was a very successful artist also known for his portraits of famous revolutionary heroes such as George Washington; who inspired him to become a painter after many members of his family were painters. During the 1820s he did history related paintings which would be the basis for dozens of copies in later years while also promoting art and aspiring to create an elevated national artistic expression. In the 1850s his art tended to be more towards repetitiveness and was rather stiff as his art headed towards a dramatic shift in tastes and concerns. Joshua Johnson, a mulatto was Americas first professional black painter. Whom bought his freedom out of slavery from the money he got from his painti…

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