ASEAN Integration by cultural and Literal Development Essay Help

PASUC socio cultural and literary development towards ASEAN Integration? How does PASUC socio cultural and literary development can be a way towards ASEAN Integration? (Not yet done) Progress. A very immense word hard to achieve and a very high goal for 3rd class countries. Seven thousand and a hundred seven islands called Philippines are bounded with a gift from God in the form of knowledge and wisdom. It has been achieved through the pains sweat and blood of our forefathers. At times like this where economic discrepancy is being a crisis in all the parts of theASEAN Integration by cultural and Literal Development globe our knowledge needs improvement. This leads to new disputes that have given our generation an endeavour to strive more to achieve socio cultural and literary development; making progress towards ASEAN Integration. Literary and socio cultural development offers a great opportunity not only to oneself but also to the country in different terms to make Philippines globally competitive. Achieving such development requires a lot of effort since community should be first educated on what the integration entails so entrepreneurs can maximize the benefits of free trade. The Integration is expected to boost investments job creation and incomes in the region. While the ASEAN Integration is expected to level the playing field among industries in the region it is also expected that Philippine firms should brace for an intense competition with their ASEAN counterparts. An intense competition will therefore raise the bar for innovation quality and productivity which will enable businesses to compete head on with other players. To be able to compete to neighbouring countries in Asia Philippines in terms of economic factor we should be literate and socio cultural aware. Starting from our University can create such big change. Philippine Association of State Universities and Colleges indeed hones students to be more knowledgeable by introducing programs that develops literacy. For example conducting contests and trainings that levels up wisdom of students. Literacy and socio cultural awareness gives Filipinos confidence in facing not only local employers but also abroad. This is evidenced by Filipinos all over the globe standing out in their chosen career. Since ASEAN or Association of South East Asian Nation is one of the highest organizations here in Asia it is an honour and a great privilege to be the part of the said integration. Again the young and the middle class are the drivers of growth. However we cannot capitalize on these opportunities if we do not do the right things. In the case of the Philippines we need to invest in educating our young people. That is the challenge for the PASUC ? to become a catalyst for integration itself. It will be a more daunting challenge for smaller sections like Universities but this is where the=government can step in to facilitate the sharing of information. It is at this point in time that the vital role of PASUC as well as the students must come to the fore by being the instrument in influencing people in embracing and promoting socio cultural and literary development through University honing for achieving positive results that constructs a bridge to ASEAN integration. Particularly the school must engage in enforcing the application of higher quality of education and trainings. Not only PASUC must tighten the grip to the goals but also the Filipinos themselves. Cooperation and teamwork can make this happen for one voice might be a whisper but a thousand whispers make a big ROAR.”

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