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America a land of hope and prosperity one might even go as far as saying ?The land of Dreams?. People from all over the world migrate to our great country for the luxurious rights we offer to all our people. Some of those rights including freedom of speech freedom of religion freedom of press and The right to privacy. But what if we told everyone one who entered the united states that there was a catch ? That at any moment if the goverment felt threatened enough they could twist those rights to there benefit ? Do Ashley Bracero september you think people would still view America as a getaway or more like a false advertisement ? Now we will try and dicuss one topic that has been raising a huge controversy in America today security vs privacy. Ever since it has been revealed that the goverment has been hacking into american citizens private information for ?Security Meaures? America has been going into a spiral of doubt. Both parties are making compelling arguments regarding their reasoning and perspective on the matter of security vs privacy. The huge question being raised?Is security actually more Important than privacy ? The goverment may tell you yes; that the precautions they are taking are only minor set backs necesary for the continuation of a strong society. In my opinion this is just yet another fib told to keep the goverment in control of what has been spiraling in the other direction since 9/11. Fear of Terrorism has fueled many changes in The United Statessome proving better than others. For example The TSA has been given massive amounts of power to protect America and has been rediculed for being unconstitutional too expensive and ineffective yet it remains. Little by little it seems that the goverments fear of terrorism is beginning to drive them to any measures. Threatening the privacy of their own citizens to protect national security. The worst part is some of these under cover plans are so top secret it often takes leaks to get the truth on how much of our privacy is actually being threatened. Realistically you can not have a hunderd percent of privacy along with a hunderd percent of security so as an American citizen i chose privacy. I believe security should come as a choice not to say it does not withold a huge place in society because realistically without security the world would rapidally fall into choas. Privacy is a natural right more of an obligation that should always be presented to us no matter what the circumstance. America?s power has always laid in our rights and freedoms. It is America?s individualism and personal freedom that our enemies often hate the most. So I believe if we change our great society to make us less free we are rolling around in their hands as pawns . I do not believe that we should neglect our liberties for one victory for the chance that it might deminish the reputation that makes our society great. Forcing important networks like facebook yahoo and many more to relinquish private information is a huge disrespect to all citizens. Every citizen has the right to privacy even the idea of privacy originated from the fourth amendment. Ironically though the goverment seems to dismiss that fact for reasonings they seem only intitled to debate on. For a country that has comforted citizens on the idea that we are a democracy the goverment begins to show the public holes in their stories and true intentions. Slowly the public is being to sway a different direction since it was revealed the goverment was hacking into americans private information. In 2010 a Pew research survey was held and showed that 32 percent of people believed that the goverments anti-terrorism policies have gone to far in restricting the average persons civil liberities. That means 66 percent of people found it vaild and implaced for a reasonable cause. In 2011 the same survey was conducted by the same organization and found that 53 percent now found that it has gone too far thats more than half the people surveyed in 2010 . So with that piece of information we see that people arent just doubting the goverment they are begining to re-evaulate their own way of thinking. I believe if the goverment continues to deny us our full privleged right to privacy we will crumble as a nation and they will being to lose not only our trust but our respect. No matter how much our society improves and develops there will always be a threat. So if they begin to strip away our rights nowhow long will it take before we lose more ? Don?t just take my word for ithere are some people who co-exist with my idea that privacy holds more substance and reasoning than security. Jessica from says ? Now the reason for why i feel privacy is more important is as simple as If i owned a home of 5 acres and bought that land. A home because i wanted to feel secluded. This allows for me to walk around my home naked if i would like without a curtain down or go swimming in my pool naked. If i knew i was being watched 24/7 like many famous people it would make me go insane and i would not be able to deal with it.? Also fliex jimenez 17 says? Security is always going to be there no matter how much we have of it but once you take away someones privacy you cant get it back. Its kind of like respect when you cross that line you just cant re-write that wrong.? In conclusion privacy is a valuable thing to many citizens. lately the right we use to have is being to stripped away from us layer by layer. Many people are debating wether security holds more value than privacy but when it comes to statistcs it seems that is not the case. Like Benjamin Franklin said? They that can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserves neither liberty or safety.? So as a country we continue to try and fight this idea of selling moral rights for temporary safety promised by the goverment. So like Benjamin Franklin said we must remember to hold on to important things such as our privacy and not sell it for something that has unpredicatable outcomes and strive for a greater stronger country were all people are respected.”

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