CANDIDE This essay was found at and should not be plagiarized Book Review # 1 C A N D I D E b y : V O L T A I R E (FORMALISM ) Voltaire’s CANDIDE is a story about a man who was in search of true happiness and who was in a journey that proves that not all is for the best. He grew up in castle of Westphalia , but was exiled when found kissing the baron’s daughter. That was where his misfortunes began,among them was when he was tortured during An army training, when his philosopher was hanged in an autoda’fe,when he rescued his true love from the hands of the Inquisitor and the Jew ,when the Anabaptist James and his friend died during the quakes in Lisbon ,and when he realized that a nation ,in order to be happy, should be secluded from the rest of the world,despite of these he still believed that there is a “cause and effect” for everything!At this point,we would still find him struggling and fighting in hope that he and Cunegonde would still be together.He started to witness the cruelty of life.There were a lot of times that he wanted to give upbut the only thing that kept him alive was the hope that things will get better. As Dr.Pangloss would always say,”Everything was made for a purpose, all is necessary for the BEST purpose”.The theme of this book is that no one should be a victimin life we know that there are struggles and obstacles that SHOULD be overcomed and that not everything should be passively acceptedVoltaire’s initiates the idea that people should work to make their happiness. Voltaire as the narrator of the story was also able to criticize some of the present people during his times.He did this by using their names or siting similar situations that happened in real life. Because of this he was able to come up with such marvelous characters that was ab…

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