Assessment is the means by which decisions are made on the c Essay Help

Assessment is the means by which decisions are made on the competency of a learner. The tasks for assessment can take many forms and it is important the assessor is able to make a quality decision and that the judgement they make is fair and comparable to those of other assessors in similar situations. An initial assessment should take place between the learner and the assessor to establish how the learner will benefit from the process of assessment and to enable him/her to understand the criteria by which they are going to be assessed by. By carrying this Initial Assessment out the assessor and the learner will be able to understand the learning that needs to take place and together plan the tasks the will demonstrate that the competency has been met. Without the initial assessment will be difficult for both the assessor and the learner to judge what learning has taken place and then make any necessary adjustments to either complete the competency or develop the learning from where it was met Students come to the classroom with a broad range of pre-existing knowledge skills beliefs and attitudes which influence how they attend interpret and organize in-coming information. How they process and integrate new information will in turn affect how they remember think apply and create new knowledge. Since new knowledge and skill is dependent on pre-existing knowledge and skill knowing what students know and can do when they come into the classroom or before they begin a new topic of study can help us craft instructional activities that build off of student strengths and acknowledge and address their weaknesses. Once prior knowledge and skill is assessed there is a range of potential responses depending upon the type of course the uniformity of results and the availability and type of supplemental materials and alternatives. For example if a majority of the class possesses misconceptions or weak understanding of a concept that you viewed as a critical prerequisite you may decide to include covering it in class provide a supplementary session on it or provide links to materials for students to engage with on their own. Similarly if most students demonstrate proficiency in a skill you were planning to cover you may decide to drop it and replace it with another skill that they have not yet developed or adjust the level of complexity or time you spend on it. Individual students lacking many of the prerequisite skills and knowledge could be encouraged to take prerequisite courses or be forewarned that they need to develop proficiency in areas on their own if they are to succeed in the course. Thus assessing prior knowledge can enable both the instructor and the student to allocate their time and energies in ways that will be most productive. Initial assessment in Motor Vehicle here at ??. College is our own designed process; It seeks to identify the students? needs and the starting point of their course (whether they should be on Level 1 or 2). It also aims to determine where the student may want to progress to once they have completed their first year studying with us. Formative Assessment Formative assessment is an integral part of teaching and learning. Formative assessment is sometimes described as assessment for learning as distinct from assessment of learning from assessment of learning which is sometimes described as summative assessment. The main purpose of the assessment is to aid the process of teaching and learning. In general it does not contribute to the final mark given for the unit task; instead it contributes to learning through providing feedback. It should indicate where the work meets standards ad where it is deficient. Effective formative feedback will affect what the students and assessor does next. This is predominantly carried out by tutors line managers as well as peers of the learner by providing feedback on a candidate?s work. It thus differs from summative assessment which is the recording of data for certification and evaluation. Summative Assessment Summative assessment is usually though not always carried out at the end of a unit to assign the candidate?s grade. This is the type of assessment method I would use as an assessor. A summative assessment quantifies the extent of a candidate?s achievement in meeting the assessment standards and criteria. In summary summative assessment is used to quantify achievement to reward achievement to provide data for selection to the next unit and/or level of qualification. For all these reasons the validity and reliability of summative assessment are of the greatest importance.”

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