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BudgetingProject description Hair Accessories Inc. makes plastic combs and hairbrushes and operates at capacity. Although the combs and hairbrushes are a matching set, they aresold individually as well. Therefore, the sales mix is not 1:1. Hair Accessories Inc. is planning its annual budget for fiscal year 2013. Information for 2012 follows: Input Prices Direct materials Plastic $0.20 per ounce Bristles $0.50 per bunch Direct manufacturing labor $12 per direct manufacturing labor-hour Input Quantities per Unit of Output Combs Brushes Direct materials Plastic 5 ounces 8 ounces Bristles16 bunches Direct manufacturing labor 0.05 hours 0.2 hours Machine-hours (MH) 0.025 MH 0.1 MH BU315: Week 3 Budgeting and Variances Analysis 3.1 Budgeting 2 Inventory Information, Direct Materials Plastics Bristles Beginning inventory 1,600 ounces 1,820 bunches Target ending inventory 1,766 ounces 2,272 bunches Cost of beginning inventory $304 $946 Sales and Inventory Information, Finished Goods Combs Brushes Expected sales in units 12,000 14,000 Selling price $6 $20 Target ending inventory in units 1,200 1,400 Beginning inventory in units 600 1,200 Beginning inventory in dollars $1,800 $18,120 Hair Accessories Inc. uses a FIFO cost flow assumption for finished goods inventory. Combs are manufactured in batches of 200 and brushes are manufactured in batches of 100. It takes 20 minutes to set up for a batch of combs and onehour to set up for a batch of brushes. BU315: Week 3 Budgeting and Variances Analysis 3.1 Budgeting 3 Hair Accessories Inc. uses activity-based costing and has classified all overhead costs as shown in the following table: Cost Type Budgeted Variable Budgeted Fixed Cost Driver/Allocation Base Manufacturing: Materials handling $11,490 $15,000 Number of ounces of plastic used Setup 6,830 11,100 Setup-hours Processing 7,760 20,000 Machine-hours Inspection 7,000 1,040 Number of units produced Nonmanufacturing: Marketing 14,100 60,000 Sales revenue Distribution 0 780 Number of deliveries Tasks: Delivery trucks transport units sold in delivery sizes of 1,000 combs or 1,000 brushes. Do the following for the year 2013: 1. Prepare the revenues budget. 2. Use the revenue budget to: a. Find the budgeted allocation rate for marketing costs. b. Find the budgeted number of deliveries and allocation rate for distribution costs. 3. Prepare the production budget in units. 4. Use the production budget to: a. Find the budgeted number of setups, setup-hours, and the allocation rate for setup costs. b. Find the budgeted total machine-hours and the allocation rate for processing costs. c. Find the budgeted total units produced and the allocation rate for inspection costs. BU315: Week 3 Budgeting and Variances Analysis 3.1 Budgeting 4 5. Prepare the direct material usage budget and the direct material purchases budget in both units and dollars; round to whole dollars. 6. Use the direct material usage budget to find the budgeted allocation rate for materials handling costs. 7. Prepare the direct manufacturing labor cost budget. 8. Prepare the manufacturing overhead cost budget for materials handling, setup, and processing. 9. Prepare the budgeted unit cost of ending finished goods inventory and ending inventories budget. Complete each of the given requirements (1-9) and then answer the following questions with conclusion and results: Based on the budgets created, whatdecisions did management make regarding production? Based on the production budget, what advantages does the company have if it increases ordecreases the production? How would the numbers from the revenue and production budgets play into the companys strategic plan? Submission Requirements: Submit your work in a Microsoft Excel file, showing step-by-step solutions to all calculations. Evaluation Criteria: Your submission will be evaluated against the following criteria: Did you explain the management decisions in regard to production? Did you analyzewhether the production increased or decreased? Did you analyze the revenue and production numbers to evaluate the companys strategic plan?PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT :

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