Assignment Human Genome Databases

A) Please answer this Five activities will be carried out for the assignment:You will find the requirement for each question in the folder uploaded folder1. Locate the chromosomal map position of the gene.2. Obtain the exon / intron structure of the gene.3. Investigate the rare homozygous SNPs for the patient.4. Find the other single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) within this gene.5. Design PCR primers for the rare homozygous SNPs using a primer design program .B) using five references include three website is found in the plane folderC) Please use my gene and SNPS for essayD) Look for the sample and make it similar .E) use my gene studies which find in upload folderMY gene studiesMY GENERSID Chr Position (B36) Genotype % Occurrence Geners10742291 183597820 AA 12.522 PLA2G4Ars120730781 183604549 TT 12.6808 PLA2G4A s

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