Assisted Suicide

Should assisted suicide become totally legal in the U.S.? Well, that is the question that Mr. Stephen Carter seems to brutally review in his article Rush to a Lethal Judgement, where it appears that he takes a stance against assisted suicide. He makes a very week argument though, and I feel he would fail at convincing most anyone. His thoughts are well organized, but he fails to really take a side on the debate until the very end and at that point it is no longer very useful. Carter starts the article with many background facts and instances on euthanasia. He discusses the application of the second and the fourteenth amendments to the constitution as the cornerstone of many assisted suicide supporters arguments. He goes on to analyze two separate court cases on euthanasia and question the logic behind them. He finishes up by contemplating if class and social status do and should take precedence in deciding whether or not an individual can help another commit suicide and the problems that it presents to the nation as a whole. After reading this article I decided that it was set up somewhat like a mystery novel where all the facts are given first and then you find out who the killer is at the end. In a similar way, Carter gives a great deal of information on the topic, including court cases and many personal accounts, but fails to make his stance clear until the last few paragraphs. There are very differing reasons for why he might have done this. The first being that he might just be a poor writer, which is really not likely, seeing that he is a professor of law at Yale. The second, and more plausible, reason is that he did this with a very specific purpose in mind. With his presenting both sides arguments early in the essay he appears to have a more balanced perspective and open mind when he gives his own opinion, which is against making a constitutional amendment protecting assisted suicide. And because…

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