AtT the new millenuim

Researching A Company The organization chosen for my company profile is AT&T. AT&T is currently ranked no. 10 for Fortune 500 companies. AT&T is run by CEO: C. Michael Armstrong. AT&T is one of the top Telecommunications companies in the world. AT&T’s national headquarters is located at 32 Sixth Avenue New York, NY 10013. AT&T’s number in New York is (212) 387-5400 and more information on AT&T can be found at their Website Major Products and Services AT&T is the world’s largest and sophisticated network in communication. AT&T specializes in oral communication i.e.: telephone, cell phone, paging systems and many other related services. AT&T is second to none in providing top quality communications to anyone, anytime and anyplace in the world. AT&T is ranked no. 10 in the top 50 for Fortune 500 companies in 1998with revenues of $53,588,000.00 and profits of $6,398,000.00. AT&T is a prime example of what a communications company in the Telecommunications Industry can and should be. Competitive Analysis AT&T surpasses it’s competitors (Bell Atlantic and GTE) in many different areas. For instance, in 1997 AT&T set an all time record I by handling nearly 76.3 billion calls, a 12.2% increase from the previous year. An average business day for AT&T consists of more than 250 million voice data and video calls travel the network. That’s impressive and not to mention on peak days, as many as 290 million calls are handed by AT&T. AT&T continues to help with the rapid change of technology. The AT&T network includes nearly 41,000 route miles of fiber-optic-cable, and 97% of all domestic traffic travels via this light guide technology. Major Locations AT&T is known for and does business all over the world. AT&T has established it’s self as a multinational business with customers globally. AT&T has a substantial market share in the United States. By the United States being one of the leading cou…

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