Audio amplifier and speaker system project

Audio amplifier and speaker system projectthe design is a dual stage amplifier circuit using a TL071, to form an active low pass filter with an upper cut-off frequency of between 18 and 25 kHz with and gain matched to the output for your MP3 player, and an OPA551 current amplifier with unity gain.Your report must be structured appropriately and contain: a title, author, introduction, main text of report, clearly labelled figures, tables and graphs, conclusion, references and appendices (if required). The report will be assessed on the following: appropriate choice of technical content, quality of technical content, understanding and interpretation of technical results, quality of reflection on the project, structure and style, quality of report should include: Abstract Introduction Design information Test results Conclusions ReferencesThis report should contain: ? A title page ? title of report, your name, date, abstract ? Top-level specification ? Top-level design ? Detailed design ? circuit diagrams and an explanation of design features and simulation results ? PCB design with explanation of design constraints and issues ? Test results from breadboard trial ? Test/performance results from PCB ? Final specification (1 page detailing: the power supply, measured input voltage, gain, bandwidth, controls, power consumption, dimensions) ? List of component and total cost (Bill of materials) ? Reflection on issues that arose, success of design and opinion on overall performance, things that you would do differently etc. ? References (numbered and referred to in the text of the report):

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