Bacteria Paper

Jason Makarow Bacterial Genetics Lab Report December 10, 1999 Introduction In this lab we observed the growth of bacteria in a conjugation and transformation experiment. We expected the mating plate of the conjunction to grow and the bacteria on the transformation plates to grow also. We also practiced using aseptic techniques to clean the lab benches and to keep the bacteria from being contaminated from outside bacteria. This lab will take a total of 2 days because of the observations that need to be made. The parts of this paper will explain the procedure and the observations of the bacteria plates. Materials and Methods This lab was presented in the General Biology 103 Lab Manual by the Department of Biology, Fall 1999 edition on pages 106-118. In this lab we first used specific aseptic techniques to properly transfer bacteria from test tubes to petri dishes. The lab bench was cleaned with a 10% Clorox bleach solution and left to dry while my lab partners and myself washed our hands. A Bunsen burner was provided so the inoculating loop and the neck of the test tubes could be placed in the flame to kill off any bacteria that was on it. After the inoculating loop and test tube neck are cooled the loop is placed into the tube and then swabbed across the surface of the agar plate. The lid of the plate is not totally removed so airborne organisms cannot infect the culture being placed on the dish. This procedure must be followed every time a new strain of bacteria is placed on the dish. After the aseptic techniques are followed four petri dishes are obtained and labeled with the type of bacteria that will be placed in it. After the strains of bacteria have been placed in the petri dish the plates must be incubated at 37C and left for the next day. Finally a mating plate is made by letting the two strains touch inside the petri dish and then be placed in a 37 incubator for one day. For the next part of t…

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