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1. Evaluate the implementation of the Denver International Airport Baggage Handling System? By understanding the case it can be said that the Denver International Airport Baggage Handling System implementation was not successful due to the factors such as advanced technology no proper implementation of time lack of planning and scheduling. Apart from this there were many more problems like the airport opening was delayed to the actual proposed date. By considering all the reasons it can be said that the project was unsuccessful. 2. What do you believe were the top 3 factors that contributed to theBAE Automated Systems project?s failure? There are many factors that led to the project?s failure but when compared to all strategy planning communication and timing plays as major factors in the project failure. Strategy Planning: This segment plays a very important role in the project. BAE made a contract with United Airlines for building a baggage system. But the project was a failure as the proposal of building baggage system was not included in the construction plan. Therefore there were lot problems when they started building baggage system due to which the system has to redesign and fit in another place. Communication: The project team and the consultants have a communication gap which led to the lot of issues. Likewise the work is not allotted in time as the projected previous work was prolonged than the proposed completion time which made the delay in completion. There were some issues between workers due to lack of communication like the materials were ordered when the delivery was there the employee was unaware that those are needed and he sent back the delivery thinking that those are not necessary for construction. In this way it took more days to get redelivery and the work got postponed in the gap. Timing: For any project timing plays an important role. Here in this project lot of problems raised as the building started before the completion of planning and no proper clear vision was made by the authorities. Many times contractors were late at the sight as that led to the start of that day work. 3. Who do you feel is most at fault (Pena Webb DiFonso Others)? By reading the case study it can be understood that there mistakes done by the people who are allocated to the work as there were lot of confusions between them in getting the work done. As this is a high budget project people need to be following the guidelines and be careful in getting the work done and it?s officials responsible to keep the track of the work. It can be observed that there are lots of disruptions in the work process as all the employees are not updated about the work and only the managers are known about the work. Due to the lack of proper design the work was disturbed and raised to get the new designs to be made and implemented. To avoid all the problems managers or officials have to reallocate the resources according to the exact schedule and to be done by the time.”

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