bass fishing vs crappie fishing

Bass Fishing Vs. Crappie Fishing Have you ever reeled in a seven-pound bass, or a three-pound crappie? Well if you have, you know that such an experience is filled with excitement. There are many similarities and differences between bass and crappie fishing. There are different types of rods, reels and techniques. Whether you are fishing for bass or crappie there are all kinds of different rod and reels set-ups. For crappie fishing you would use an ultra-light set-up. Any kind of ultra-light set-up would work. The longer and more flimsier the rod is the further you can cast the lure. Where in bass fishing there is a different rod for each lure. When casting spinner baits you would use a rod between six to six and a half foot with medium action and an extra fast tip. The reel you would use would be something with high speed, usually with a gear ratio around 6.2 to 1. When fishing a worm you would use the same reel. On the other hand the rod would be between six and a half to seven foot, with medium-heavy action and a fast tip. The lures used for bass fishing are different, but still similar than the lures used for crappie fishing. Some of the main lures in bass fishing consist of spinner baits, crank baits, plastic worms, and jigs. Some of the main lures in crappie fishing are also spinner baits and jigs. The spinner baits and jigs and jigs are a lot smaller in crappie fishing. The spinner baits and jigs for bass fishing would be anywhere between 1/8 to 1 ounce. Where in crappie fishing the spinner baits and jigs would be1/64 to 1/8 ounce. The techniques of bass fishing and crappie fishing are also very similar. When you find a good spot bass or crappie fishing it is usually always a good spot. Fishing over brush is a wise thing to do for either type. These fish usually are on the drop offs. They both like to hang around lots of structure. Choosing a line is a technique that is quite different. When choosing line for cr…

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