berger and tompkins

John Berger’s writing “Ways of Seeing” is a look into the world of art. Throughout his composition, he gives his opinions on various topics about art. Jane Tompkins essay “Indians: Textualism, Morality, and the Problem of History” is a look into the world of history. Within her essay, Tompkins discusses her views on the quest of finding truth in history. She uses terms such as “relativism” ,the understanding that man or woman can never find the absolute truth in facts, and “epistemological quandary” , a predicament where in her case she could not find the correct knowledge and facts to interpret and learn the factual information she desired to possess. These terms help to develop her way of finding the historical truth when there are many different accounts of history. Reproductions occur in many different aspects of life. Two of these such aspects are art and history, the areas of expertise of Berger and Tompkins respectively. Berger believes that non-exact reproductions of art are of great Widro 2 value while Tompkins believes that there is little value if there is a non-exact reproduction or recount of history. John Berger ,an art critic as well as an author, is a proponent of reproducing art in different forms other that the original. When Berger talks about this positive view of reproduction ,he says that, In the age of reproduction the meaning of the paintings is no longer attached to them; their meaning becomes transmittable that is to say it because information of a sort ,and, like all information, is either put to use or ignored; information carries no special authority within itself.(65) This quote explains Berger’s feelings on the reproduction of art in our time. He illustrates to the reader that reproductions give the art viewer a more specific angle on a art piece. By doing this the art pursuer can understand the piece on a greater level making the original piece more comprehensible. Because of…

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