BibliographyDescription: Speci

BibliographyDescription: Specifically for the short assignments:The following are the topics for the four writing assignments for the semester. Each should beabout 2-3 pages, with emphasis on detailed description and folkloristic reflection. Eachassignment coincides with one of the topics: the readings for these respective sections can beused as rough guides and you should reference them explicl?lir. Additional library work is notrequired but always encouraged. Each is u,orth 1 5% of 1,our finai grade. These will be donethrough the online text function of Moodle.(Remember that 2-3 pages is the general idea, but write till you?re done!)Occupotionol Folklile,With respect to an ?occupation? you have had (broadly understood: it can include non-paidwork, participation in crafting; even being a student), describe an (informal) activity that youand fellow workers participate in that reaffirms your shared identity. What kind of activity is it?What values and skills are stressed? How does this activity negotiate status within the group?How does this group contrast itself with others? What conclusions can you draw about thisspecific occupational group from this analysis?Order for your custom written PAPER now!

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