Binary Thinking

Binary thinking related to Salem Witch Trials The Puritans were European settlers that established home in Salem Village in the 1630s. They believed that they were a dominant group because of their practices. They saw their religion as superior to any other religion. Their religious authority was one that was honoured by the Puritans. The Puritan society began to look at others with suspicion when something out of the ordinary happened causing great accusations of witchcraft. The Puritans had the understanding that nothing unfavourable would happen to them because their religion wouldn’t let anything transpire if they believed. When a child got sick or an animal resisted to give milk, witchcraft was suspected due to unforeseen and uncontrollable occurrences. The outcome was not as they expected. Their binary thinking turned everyone against each other. The Puritans based their religious findings on a certain set of beliefs, which perceived everyone as an equal member of their society. Yet when the rich were accused of witchcraft, they were treated by far better than the average Puritan was. They were placed under house arrest instead of the pungent and inadequate jail cell. This challenges the binary thinking in a way such that their religion is not all it is said to be; otherwise everyone would be treated as an equal. The Puritans limited their knowledge and experiences by letting their binary thinking get out of hand. They weren’t able to see the different ways of the world. They also let their binary thinking destroy their people, which eventually leads to extinction. …

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