Binomial DistributionOrder DescriptionBinonomial DistributionAs a quality engineer working on the Rangdo production line, you have determined that the probability of producing a defective part is 6%. You want to develop a plan to monitor the quality of this line. Your idea is to take a sample of 20 parts every hour and determine the number of defectives. How many defectives do you need to find (or more) in a sample of 20 so that you will shut down the line. You want to be 95% sure that there is a real problem beyond random noise before you shut down the line.Use Excel?s binomial function to determine the answer. Provide a one page paper discussing the problem, what you did to solve it and what your specific recommendation or plan is for monitoring quality.Assignment Expectations:Answer questions with clarity and show the detailed steps for calculation in the Excel spreadsheet. Upload your paper with your discussion and upload the Excel file with your calculations.Required Reading:For a real nice overview and lecture on Distributions and the binomial distribution, view these videos on Khan Academy:Introduction to Random Variables Retrieved from Density functions, Retrieved from Distribution, Retrieved from:

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