Bio ethics

In the article Are Pregnant Women Fetal Containers, by Laura Purdy she discusses her philosophical position on abortion. Is the fetus a person? Does the fetus have the moral status of a person, whether technically a person or not? Does the fetus have any moral status at all and if so does this status change during the course of a pregnancy? What is the woman’s role in the matter? Is she merely an incubator for another organism? When does the tissue, which comprises the fetus cease to be a part of her body? Is there a distinction between what a women-contemplating abortion ought to do and what a society can justly coerce her to do? Purdys main argument is that if the fetus is apart of a womens body and not a separate entity, therefore she has the right to make a choice on whether to have an abortion or not. Claiming that the fetus is dependent on the mother and is not a person; the fetus cannot evolve into an individual with rights because the mother has the right to choose whether to bring the child into the world or not. In this essay Im going to provide supportive explanations on why Purdy believes its ethical to leave the choice of abortion entirely up the mother. First of all Purdy confronts the problem of women having the ability to control what happens to their bodies because of the societies influences on the welfare of the fetus. For example, doctors often over-ride a womens choice and perform dangerous surgeries in order to save the live of the fetus. Protecting the fetus becomes more important than the rights of the mother; our society puts over-whelming demands on the mother in order to protect the fetus from harm. Because the fetus is so vulnerable, protecting it becomes a natural concern and conflict when the rights of the mother vs. the rights of a fetus. In the latter part of Purdys article, she grapples fundamental moral questions that are at the heart of the debate: Is the fetus a pe…

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