Bio-pyscho-social Assessment of a young adult; pick either friend or client with criminal history background

Bio-pyscho-social Assessment of a young adult; pick either friend or client with criminal history backgroundUsing a case study from your field practice, write a biopsychosocial study that conforms to the below outline. Each section has a page range, and theentire paper should be 8 ? 10 pages.I. Overview: Describe the client and articulate the client?s presenting problem. Note the duration of the presenting concern. (about 1/2 page)II. Conceptualizing the Cause: Identify the causes of the client?s problem, and the stresses that appear to be involved. Use an ecologicalperspective to consider the impact of individual characteristics, family, community and historical factors and social policy issues as they apply.Refer to literature that supports your assessment of the cause of the problem. (2 pages)III. Analysis of Client?s Presentation: Present the client?s demographic characteristics, employment and financial information, family composition,living conditions, education, etc., if known. Also, include information about the client?s physical, intellectual and emotional status. Also,describe the client?s interpersonal interactions, who the important people are in the client?s life, and describe the nature and quality of theserelationships. Finally, describe the client?s physical environment, including neighborhood, workplace, home, and overall quality of life. Inaddition, describe and illustrate the client?s adaptive capacity. State areas of strengths and weaknesses that are present, as well as the client?scompetencies. (about 2 pages)IV. Community Assessment: Present a summary of the community the client resides in and how the client represents the needs of the community. Describewhat measures are needed with the community to alleviate the client?s symptoms and needs. (about 2 pages)V. Intervention Plan: What interventions are indicated to help the client resolve her/his problem(s) on an: (A) Micro; (B) Mezzo; and (C) Macrolevel? Consider services that can be provided by your field agency and services from outside sources. In each case, identify who would be providingthe service and describe a rationale for why you chose the type of intervention. Please articulate what expectations you have of the client?s abilityto accomplish the interventions planned. If you had the opportunity to be involved in any areas of intervention with the client, please describe yourcontribution. If you did not have such an opportunity, please describe how you might be involved with the case in the future, or propose how youcould be involved as a social work intern. (about 2 pages)VI. Conclusion: Offer your summary of your assessment and intervention plan. Conclude with a demonstration of specific social work values that arepresent in this case. (about 1/2 page)Order for your custom written PAPER now!

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