Blade Runner

Blade Runner This movie was very similar to the many other shall we say alien movies out there. This movie may have been more correct with what may happen in the future. There wasnt any explosions or planets blowing up, or anything as drastic as that. It was a more subtle thought of what happens if aliens really do take over. Maybe having basically human clones is more realistic than the aliens coming down and taking over our planet in great amounts. In Blade Runner, only four of them were going to try and basically take us over. Not a whole planet of them. This might be a little drastic interpretation of alien take over and how the earth is going to look during that year. However, I dont really believe that cars are going to be able to fly and drive around, but how is everyone that took part in making the movie going to get paid if it isnt just a little fictional. This is really how the world is though. This is the type of movie that people want to see. It gets their imagination going and start to think: What if this really happens in the future, or How would the government handle this type of situation. This is what makes alien types of movies worth while. I myself enjoy seeing one every once and a while. They defiantly get the imagination rolling. …

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