Bone dry BasisAnalyze a drier

Bone dry BasisAnalyze a drier that reduces the moisture content of bentonite from 11% (bone dry basis) to 4% bdb. Assume the plant processes 100 tons/day is a gas fired rotary kiln (8 ft ID x 120 ft long). The burners on high-fire contribute 12(106) Btu/hr to the system. Bentonite is a mineral mined in western USA. Refined bentonite has many industrial uses. The delivery contract for processed bentonite specifies 6% moisture (bdb) as acceptable maximum. Can the plant raise production moisture to 5%, or 5.5%. If that is physically possible, they might reduce fuel costs. Look into this idea. Your report (6 pages maximum) should include mass balances for water and bentonite. Include other energy usage reduction ideas that you think about.Order for your custom written PAPER now!

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