Book: Marketing ? 2014 , by Pride and Ferrell

ISBN : 978-1-133-93925-2 Marketing Plan Section #11- Due Friday, November 7th, by 9:00 p.m Using Chapter 15, complete the following: 1. Using figure 15.2 or 15.3 (depending on if your product is a business product or end-user product, determine which of the channeldistribution paths is most appropriate for your product. Given the nature of your product, could it be distributed through more than one of thesepaths? Explain.2. Determine the level of distribution intensity that is appropriate for your product. Consider the characteristics of your target market, theproduct attributes, and environmental factors in your deliberation.3. Discuss the physical functions that will be required for distributing your product, focusing on materials handling, warehousing, andtransportation.You will use the information gathered here to create the distribution section of your final marketing plan that will be turned in on December 5th.:

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