Book Report/Review, History

Book Report/Review, HistoryProject descriptionWhat counts as evidence depends in large part on the rhetorical situation. One audience might find personal testimony compelling in a given case, whereas another mightrequire data that only experimentalstudies can provide. Imagine that you want to argue that advertisements should not include demeaning representations of chimpanzees and that the use of primates inadvertising should be banned. You?re encouraged to find out that a number of companies such as Honda and Puma have already agreed to such a ban, so you decide topresent your argument to other companies? CEOs and advertising officials. What kind of evidence would be most compelling to this group? How would you rethink your useof evidence if you were writing for the campus newspaper, for middle schoolers, or for animal-rights group members? What can you learn about what sort of evidence eachof these groups might value ? and why?

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