book review on Boychiks in the Hood by Robert Eisenberg

book review on Boychiks in the Hood by Robert EisenbergQuestions for the book review on Boychiks in the Hood by Robert Eisenberg (not more than 3.5 pages)Write a review or a book-report offering concrete examples (with page references) and addressing the followingquestions:1. What types of contemporary Jews appear throughout Eisenberg?s book? Find and refer to at least one secular type and3 religious types described or mentioned throughout the book. Are all ?ultra-Orthodox?Jews the same; are they all Hasidic Jews? What are the major differences between the ?ultra-orthodox? and the ?modern Orthodox? Jews in America.2. Discern the author?s opinion of the future of America?s (or Europe?s) Jews. Follow closely his visits (actual chapters) in at least 4 different localities in the USA and 2 in Europe.3. What role does the Yiddish language play in the lives and or ideology of most (or of great many) contemporary ?ultra- Orthodox? Jews? Cite or refer to concrete examples from various Jewish ?ultra-orthodox? centers or enclaves in the USA, Europe (Antwerp), Israel.!

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