Bradstreet Analyzed

Bradstreet Analyzed Michael Patterson English 102 M W F 2-2:50 Anne Bradstreet (1612-1672), although born in England, is considered to be the first American poet. She is also revered as the first woman to be published. Married to Simon Bradstreet at age sixteen, she ventured with her family to the Massachusetts colony. Simon, the governor of Massachusetts colony, served a major role in her life and her literary career. He was the subject in many of the poems included in the two volumes Bradstreet had published. A Puritan all her life, Bradstreet led a simple life guided by principles of grace, plainness, and divine missions. In To My Dear and Living Husband, she shows her devotion to her husband in a smooth and simple manner. We can see from the poem the strong feelings she has for her husband. However, she contradicts some of her Puritan beliefs at certain points in the poem. To Anne Bradstreet, her husband is exactly what he should be; the love of her life. Over and over again she expresses her devotion to him with a repetition of images. One such image is presented in lines 5-7. She states… I prize my love more than whole mines of gold Or all the riches that the East doth hold. My love is such that rivers cannot quench,… She states here that she would accept nothing in return for the love that she shares with her husband and that no power, great or small, could destroy it. Love is a tricky subject to many, and to some: a fictional thing. On a personal note, I hope to one day find this love that she speaks of. Bradstreets love for Simon is untouchable and eternal. To My Dear and Living Husband is a beautiful and well-written poem. In breaking apart the structure, we see that the poem contains twelve lines, each containing ten syllables. Since each line is write in the iambic fashion of alternating unstressed syllables and stresse…

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