Briar Rose

“Briar Rose” is the classic fairytale of Sleeping Beauty come to life. And what a life it is taken from her family, hidden way from her destine. Only for fate to come and intervene. The story tells of fairies and prophecies. The author Anne Sexton, speaks of an insomniac laying awake at night in “Briar Rose” Consider a girl who keeps slipping off, arms limp as old carrots, into a hypnotist’s trance, into a spirit world speaking with the gift of tongues. she is stuck in the time machine, suddenly two years sucking her thumb, inward as a snail, learning to talk again. She’s on a voyage. She swimming further and further back, / up like a salmon, struggling into her mother’s pocketbook. Little doll children, come to Papa. Sit on my knee. I have a kiss for the back of your neck. A penny for your thoughts, Princess. I will hunt them like emeralds. Come be my snookie and I will give you a root. That kind of voyage, rank as honeysuckle. Once a king had a christening for his daughter Briar Rose and because he had only twelve gold plates he asked only twelve fairies to he grand event. The thirteenth fairy, her fingers as long and thin as straws, her eyes burnt by cigarettes, her uterus an empty teacup, arrived with an evil gift. She made the prophecy: The princess shall prick herself on a spinning wheel in her fifteenth year and then fall dead Kaput! The court fell silent. The king looked like Mook’s Scream. Fairies prophesies in times like those held water. However the twelfth fairy had a certain kind of eraser and thus mit-I-gated the curse. changing that death into a hundred year sleep. The king ordered every spinning wheel Exterminated and Briar Rose grew to be a goddess and each night the king bit the hem of her gown to keep her safe. He fastened the moon up with a safety pin to give her a perpetual light. He force every…

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