Building a power plants in Africa countries Custom Paper

This assignment comes from my proposal recommending building on solar power plants in Africa. I will attached the file later in my account.Please check that file. And example of File will be attached.Instruction is attached below here1. FRONT MATTERC12 point type (no larger, no smaller, except for headings)Number front matter with Roman numerals (upper right, bottom right, or bottom middle). The abstract (iii) is the first page which actually has the number placed on the page. In other words, the first two pagesCthe title page and letter of transmittalCdo not have page numbers on them. The Discuss (check for the help you need)ion (body) is numbered with Arabic numbers (1, 2, etc.). The following items of front matter all go on separate pages: (see attached examples of front matter)2. Title PageC Do not put the page number on the title page, but this will be the first page of your formal report. The title page is NOT the same thing as the Acover@ of the report; both are required.3. Letter of TransmittalC Do not put the page number on the letter (correct letter format, one page only), which will be the second page of the report.4. Informative AbstractC The abstract will be the third page of your report. It should be at least one well-developed paragraph long and single spaced. The page number is in small Roman numerals (iii).5. Table of ContentsC The TOC is the fourth page of your report (iv). Be sure that your headings match those used in the text of your report.6. List of Illustrations, Figures, Tables or GraphicsCThis page is number v, or you might list graphics at the bottom of the TOC. The List of Illustrations is optional, that is, you don=t have to include it, but you may. See Graphics Assignment Sheet for more specific instructions on graphics requirements.II. Body of ReportsC12 point type (no larger, no smaller, except for headings)Minimum: 12 double-spaced pages, 18 maximum; counting starts with the executive summary. For example if you turn in a 9-page report, you will have 15 points deducted from your grade.1. Executive SummaryCThe summary (at least one, well-developed paragraph) is OPTIONAL.2. GlossaryCThis is also OPTIONAL, and only one page of a glossary will count in the total number of required pages. Your glossary must list at least 5 terms. You may want to indicate in the text the words you define in the glossary, perhaps with asterisks* or italics or boldfacing. *Do not include in your glossary words that really don?t need defining, like ?computer.?3. IntroductionCHave at least one, well-developed paragraph for your introduction.4. Discuss (check for the help you need)ion or Body of ReportCDouble-space reports, and include headings to divide sections. Include graphics in yourreport, handbook or manualCsee Graphics Assignment following these formal report instructions.III. DOCUMENTATIONSince this project is partly a research paper, you are required to use and document sources, even if you are compiling an employee handbook or manual. Use either MLA or APA documentation style. Do not use any style other than MLA or APA. If you ?number? your sources on the bibliography or references page, you are not using MLA or APA. I don?t consider what you might have done in another class; this is the requirement for this class, and points will be deducted if you don?t use MLA or APA.1. Bibliography?A page which lists alphabetically by author?s last name (or title if no author) all the sources used in compiling your report; most of you know that already.*The most important thing to remember about your bibliography is that it must be alphabetized; this helps the reader find a source quickly. You don?t want the reader to have to search all through your bibliography to find a source. Also, websites must have titles so you can alphabetize them (if they don?t have authors). Don?t try to alphabetize a URL.Specific source requirements are as follows:You are required to have *consulted for and/or cited in your Formal Report at least 5 sources, including the following types:@ least two periodicals (scholarly journal, magazine, or newspaper)Your periodical may be located in a database accessed through the internet.*A website like a government page is NOT a periodical. You may use all the websites you want, but if you don?t have the two books and two periodicals, you will get points deducted.*Important: By periodical I mean a journal, magazine, or newspaper that appears IN PRINT as well as in an online DATABASE in a library. I do not mean online websites that claim to be e-magazines or such.@ least two books (only one may be an online book)Your technical writing textbook (or any technical writing textbook) doesn?t count in this requirement.*Consulted means you have viewed the source and have it listed on your bibliography, but you have not cited?paraphrased, summarized, or quoted directly?that source in your report. However, as a minimum requirement you must cite something from both a periodical and a book, and of course, you must cite all information taken from outside sources. You will be penalized for not citing sources for information in your report that clearly do not reflect ?common knowledge? (common knowledge does not have to be cited).In addition to the requirements listed above, you may (it?s optional) also use interviews as sources. An example bibliographical citation for an interview is as follows (name, title or credentials, interview, date):Bush, George. U. S. President. Interview. 3 Dec. 2005.Within the text you would cite the source this way: (Bush).2. Within the text?Be sure to document all information taken from outside sources using superscript notations that refer to a page titled ?Notes,? or use footnotes, or document sources with parenthetical documentation, for example as in MLA style:3.This rare species has been known to reside in Louisiana, as well as in Texas (Dees 52).

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