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1)-Anne Quindlen?s job is to be a reporter a journalist. 2)-She got interested in the case because she could see herself as one of the victims. 3)-She has a negative attitude towards death penalty because in the essay she is saying that the death penalty does not solve anything. 4)-Ms. Quindlen tells the readers that if one day her daughter gets killed by a person she would like to kill that person and make him/her suffer just like her daughter did. Then she is saying that that is something impossible to do so death penaltyBuilding Baby from the Genes Up is not worth it. 5)-The State of Florida does not permit the parents of the victim to make the killer suffer by torturing him just like the killer made suffer their son. 6)-The only reason for a death penalty is to exact retribution?. She is basically saying an eye for an eye. 7)-She believes that the death penalty does not act as a deterrent because now criminals can change their charge for another or just to involve another guy and say that it was him to commit it. 8)-The author explained how a person that threw a child from the 31st story of a building should get done the same to him. But Anne is saying how in a civilized society like ours this will never happen. 9)-The word Bha? especially like Anne used at the end of a pretty sad paragraph means or is referred to an argument that has no exact answer. In fact Anne used the word bha just at the end of a paragraph that explained how a 6 years old child got first kidnaped from his parents than tortured and then killed chopped his head off and threw it in a river. The word bha in this case symbolizes that whatever we do to the killer will never be enough to pay off? what he did to the child. 10)-In the last paragraph the author expresses the idea of how the death penalty is useless because it is immorally wrong but also because it does not make the killer all the pain that the family of the victim is feeling. 11)-The main issue that it is being discussed in this essay is whether the death penalty is right or wrong (even morally) and if the killer should get the same treatment that the victim had. 13)-The counter of this essay is that death penalty is right and should get used to punish the killer.”

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