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Deforestation is the process of clearing the forest by cutting down the trees for fulfilling different demands. Forest has a vital role in meeting people?s needs. Therefore people usually cut down the trees of the forest without having proper knowledge. Indeed exploit of land really lend a big helping to grow in economic. For example exploit of land is for wider develop range the lands is use to build households buildings and as we know trees had a very high demand all across the world so by selling the trees the process of developing in country will surelyBuildings and as we know trees had speed up not only the economic but in entire ability. On the other hand exploit of lands also bring more jobs opportunities as the buildings increased they had no choice to employ more worker. Although these activities really did enhance our standard of living however improper use of the resources leading side effects. Deforestation has not always been a major problem but since the early 1900?s it has become more and more of an issue. The percentage of rain-forest is declining since deforestation began. For example nearly 70% of the area in Brazilian Amazon has been deforested (Butler 2011). The direct causes of deforestation are agricultural expansion wood extraction (e.g. logging or wood harvest for domestic fuel or charcoal) and infrastructure expansion such as road building and urbanization from this the disadvantages of deforestation can basically divide into 3 major effects which are climate change decrease biodiversity through the destruction of habitat and natural disasters. 1st Counter argue The lands that been exploit can provide the materials for various industries. One of the easiest benefits of deforestation to spot is the economic ones. Lumber products are one of the most staple constructive materials in human society. Whether it is raw lumber used for making tables and houses or paper and other wood by-products we simply cannot live without the use of lumber. Through this process country will have more products to sell to foreign countries as well as local too. Forests are also cleared in order to accommodate expanding urban areas with the world?s population growing by leaps and bounds there is growing demand for land use for residential agricultural and commercial purposes. Golf courses resorts housing projects farms etc. have replaced some of the areas where there used to be forests (Jones 2011) with this it can attract more foreign investor and tourisms to invest and expand in our country which is a decent way to boosting the economic. 2rd counter Another advantage of deforestation is its can create more jobs opportunity. The exploiting of lands mostly for commercial purpose which means increasing of transaction will also increase the demand of the workers. This is another benefit of deforestation; it opens more job opportunities for people who would otherwise be unemployed. These job opportunities are more than simply a humanitarian concept; society at large would suffer if all of the people working in the wood industry were to suddenly find them jobless. This benefit of deforestation not only covers the people who cut down trees and process them but also extends to the people who clean up? after them. For every patch of forest cut down arable land becomes available for farmers or can be used as an area to place urban living sites like apartments houses and buildings. The number of people employed by such a construction project is many and varied. Or if the city/government mandates replanting trees to replace the lost ones then jobs are also provided for those people who do the seeding after a patch of forest is stripped (Fiset 2007). Transition Notwithstanding deforestation is effectively increase the economics of the country however the unreasonable deforest bring many series side effect to human. Deforestation affects many things it has ecological environmental atmospheric and hydrosphere impacts. When the soil is disturbed by deforestation natural carbon storage systems can be disturbed releasing large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere in one go. In areas like the small developing island nations in the Pacific it can be disastrous as many endemic plant and animal species live here and when land is deforested it disturbs soil causing landslides and disruption to the ecosystem. It also means species are confined to smaller habitats and usually move to higher more dangerous altitudes some species cannot survive in these conditions and become endangered. It is also harmful to humans as the soil becomes too saturated due to less infiltration from tree roots and it can cause higher risks of flooding on these islands which are usually very small. The surface runoff from the soil also can harm surrounding corals as the soils water runs out into the surrounding sea via rivers and streams. The soil then settles on the corals causing them to die. During the process it can block fish?s gills. 1st Pro arguments Deforestation is a major cause of climate change because it releases huge amounts of carbon into the atmosphere contributing to the greenhouse effect. Deforestation and forest degradation are both a cause and a result of climate change. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and use it to grow but when they decay or burn carbon dioxide is released again. Decaying plants also produce methane a greenhouse gas more potent than carbon dioxide. So deforestation and forest degradation are doubly damaging because greenhouse gases are released (e.g. through forest fires or using the cut trees as firewood) while at the same time the number of carbon dioxide absorbing trees are reduced. Thirty percent of the carbon dioxide added to the atmosphere over the past 150 years is thought to come from deforestation but this is a small amount compared to what is still stored in forests. The Canadian and Russian boreal forests alone hold 40 percent of the world?s carbon stocks(deforestation 2006). Most importantly deforestation causes a lack of clean air. The lack of clean air plays a big role in many diseases and illnesses that plague this world. By a chain of events deforestation is responsible for those diseases and illnesses caused by breathing unclean air. Slash and burn agriculture which is one of the most important causes. It also known as swidden or shifting agriculture and it is a traditional method of tending domesticated crops that involves the rotation of several plots of land in a planting cycle. The farmer plants crops in a field for one or two seasons and then lets the field lie fallow for several seasons. In the meantime the farmer shifts to a field that has lain fallow for several years and removes the vegetation by cutting it down and burning it?hence slash and burn. The ash from the burned vegetation adds another layer of nutrients to the soil and that with the time resting allows the soil to regenerate. Slash and burn works best in low intensity agriculture when the farmer has plenty of land that he or she can afford to let lay fallow; and it works best when crops are rotated to assist in restoring thenutrients. It has also been documented in societies where people maintain a very broad diversity of food-generation; that is where people also hunt game fish and gather wild foods (Hirst 2011). 2rd pro Deforestation does not only affect the climate. The world of academia takes a hard hit as the gene pool is diminished by the extermination of many species of plants and animals as a result of deforestation. Possibilities of exploration are as good as dead with the rapid rate of deforestation. There are many species of plants that have the potential to create medicines that can cure the ailments that there are no cures for at the moment. Deforestation can affect if we can cure such diseases such as AIDS. On a humorous note those familiar with the Resident Evil franchise know about the virus that causes people to turn into zombies. Deforestation would destroy changes of creating a vaccine for that virus. There are many tribes that live in the forests and live somewhat isolated from society. They do not exploit the forest but cut enough wood to make a living. The non-indigenous people of the forest understand how important it is to preserve the forest and the resources it offers. Their livelihoods are cut short when people that exploit the forest for means of money are added to the equation (The effects of deforestation 2008) Deforestation has many negative effects on the environment. The most dramatic impact is a loss of habitat for millions of species. Seventy percent of Earth?s land animals and plants live in forests and many cannot survive the deforestation that destroys their homes. The unique biodiversity of various geographical areas is being lost on a scale that is quite unprecedented. Even though tropical rainforest make up just 6 percent of the surface area of the Earth about 80-90 percent of the entire species of the world exist here. Due to massive felling of trees about 50 to 100 species of animals are being lost each day. The outcome of which is the extinction of animals and plants on a massive scale. The effects on animals is very heartbreaking. They not only lose their habitat and protective cover they are pushed to extinction. Many beautiful creatures both plants and animals have vanished from the face of the earth (Putatunda 2011) Third pro Another Example which was lead by deforestation is natural disaster. The most often case we can find out are Floods and Drought. Forests are a life saver as they absorb a large amount of the rainfall thereby stopping it from entering the inhabited areas and rivers. The cutting down of trees leads to disruption in the regular flow of water thus causing floods in some areas while drought in other areas. For decades the common perception in hydrology has been that deforestation in such areas made seasonal floods bigger on average but had little effect on the number of large floods over times in the interior regions of North America many creeks and rivers get most of their flow from melting snow accumulated during winter storms in mountainous areas. How much water flows down these streams depends not only on how much snow falls upstream but how fast the snow melts. But deforestation shines a new ? and glaring ? light on this water source. While ordinarily the trees keep the melting under control by shielding snow from the sunlight as soon as you get rid of the trees the snow melts faster (American Geophysical Union (AGU) 2012) Conclusion In the conclusion the consequences are very unpleasant as every form of life on earth is interlinked with one another. Not only do animals lose their homes but humans dependent on the local ecology are also affected. The water cycle gets disturbed leading to floods and droughts. People dependent on the forests for their survival lose their livelihood. Global warming is another problem looming over our heads. The causes and its effects of this destructive practice can be stopped to some extent if we all do our bit towards the environment. Reduce emissions by avoiding use of cars and bikes indiscriminately. Make our factories more cleaner and monitor their emissions. Develop better ways of farming that help increase the yield without having an impact on the neighboring forest areas. Forest management and strict monitoring of tree cutting should be carried out by various government and other nonprofit agencies. Reforestation of lost areas and following sustainable practices will help us balance our green cover. Remember trees give us life without them it will be impossible to sustain life.”

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