Business IT Analysis

Business IT AnalysisBusinessBusiness-IT Analysis1) The first sub-task requires you to critically review a set of scholarly literature on Business IT Strategic alignment and its importance toorganizations (minimum of 4 articles).2) The second sub-task requires you to identify the organization?s current situation (WHERE ARE WE NOW?) which includes the following:? Type of the organization: Local/Regional/Multi-national? Size of the organization (customers/ employees/ etc..)? Operations/activities, vision, mission and objectives? The theories and models of the organization? The value configuration of the firm, its background and the key IT strategic challenges it faces.? An overview of the organization chart? Organization chart of the IT Depart/Unit? The current IT value for the organization3) The third sub-task is the ANALYSIS PART of the assignment:This sub-task should try to contain the scope and scale of business and IS/IT activities, information, and other data relevant to the assignment? What is the business (or operational) model?? How does IT make a difference to organization/business? Will it besustainable? Why?? What are the major current IT strategic gaps that may hinderorganization?s growth?? Identify the levels of the Strategic Alignment of the organization in relation to Luftman Strategic Alignment Maturity Model!

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