Canada and Multiculturalism

Paper instructions:TaskPick an intercultural issue such as the following (note these are suggestions only ? feel free to delve into any area that interests you):? Canada and Multiculturalism;? Identity of Newcomers;? Conflict and Harmony;? Media and Multiculturalism;? Multiracial Families (marriage, adoption, and/or generation); and? Human Rights.These topic areas are very broad. You may wish to narrow your investigation to something more refined within one of these topic areas.Research your selected topic using the Internet, the lesson notes for this course to date, the library, and personal experiences. Analyze how the topic is relatedto intercultural communication and determine how you identify with this issue in your life. In identifying with this issue, please provide specific examples.ConductThis assignment is to be prepared as a presentation that you will provide to your classmates. You are to prepare your presentation in MS Word or Rich Text Format(note ? not everyone has access to Power Point; consequently, using this format may preclude some students from viewing your presentation). Try to make yourpresentation attractive through the use of graphs, diagrams, pictures, etc. to illustrate your presentation. Remember, this assignment is a presentation and as suchyou want to make it appealing to your audience.Your presentation is to include at least three (3) academically relevant sources such as text books you consulted, the Internet, movies, documentaries, orinterviews with individuals. Be sure to cite these resources in your presentation using APA format.The length of your presentation is to be no more than four (4) pages double spaced. It should have an Introduction outlining the topic, a discussion area in whichyou present the findings of your analysis, and a conclusion.!

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