Carrefour?s Key CompetencesFor any business that is willing to thrive and have a worldwide command in market andall other operations it is important to understand the dynamism of all areas of operations (Fernie2005). There are many factors that determine where a business will be able to thrive or not. Thesituation is made worse by the fact that it is not possible to have pin point accuracy in citing anylikely changes that would occur in future. Therefore many businesses need to understand andcreate a room for the possible changes in future and especially the big ones. One such businessthat attempted and to a great extent succeeded in surviving markets all over the world with sucha great level of dynamism is Carrefour. There are many competences that enabled Carrefour hasthe capacity to face these differences and survive the harsh competition faced by businesses inOne of the key competences which Carrefour capitalized on is the economies of scale.The chain store has a huge operating capital and so it is able to buy goods at the cheapest pricesoffered as it can buy the stock in bulk. It is always possible that a buyer who buys in bulk is ableto convince the supplier to offer a lower price and earn a little profit per item though it is formany units thereby leading to more profits (Rugman & D?Cruz 2000). For this reason, Carrefourcan afford buying stock in large quantities but at prices which are relatively low. This is one ofthe reasons that Carrefour will manage to continue selling the products at very low prices therebyincreasing the sales. This consequently resulted in more profits which could be ploughed backand be used to start new stores either in the mother country, France or even abroad.

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