Case: Li & Fung: Growth for a Supply Chain Specialist (HBR, HKU849)Research and Essay Help

Case: Li & Fung: Growth for a Supply Chain Specialist (HBR, HKU849) General For each case assignment, your job will be to investigate the firms problem(s) as they relate to Supply Chain and prepare a written paper for each case. The format of your paper should be as follows and not to exceed 5 pages (double spaces) excluding the Appendices section: Executive summary a couple of short paragraphs which summarize the remainder of the report Background use this section to lead in to your Problem Statement; identify symptoms, critical factors and the current state Problem Statement a succinct statement of the problem/dilemma/issue, preferably in a single declarative sentence; be careful to identify the real problem and not the symptoms of the problem Analysis apply operational models, course content, and outside research to support your position; logically discuss options, implications and tradeoffs Recommendations and Conclusions these should be your recommendations regarding how the organization should deal with the problem; they should be fully supported by the Analysis section ORDERR THIS ESSAY HERE NOW AND GET A DISCOUNT !!!

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