case-TRANSFORMATIONAL/TRANSACTIONAL LEADERSHIP, LEADERSHIP STYLE APPROACH, GLASS CEILINGRequired ReadingRefer to the Background readings on transformational and transactional leadership for this module.Case AssignmentDrawing on the material in the background readings and doing additional research, please prepare a 5-6 page paper (not including the cover andreference pages) in which you:Analyze the key characteristics of transformational and transactional leadership and apply them to two leaders of your choice.Keys to the AssignmentThe key aspects of this assignment that, at a mimimum, should be covered in your paper, include:Select two leaders (from the US or international) who you consider to be examples of transactional and transformational leadership.Conduct independent research on these individuals and create a profile that addresses the following:What makes one leader transactional and the other transformational?What added value does each bring to their organizations?What conditions and organizational contingencies influence whether a transactional or transformational leadership style would be most effective?Considering your answer above, compare the effectiveness of both leaders you profiled in their given environments. Was their leadership styleappropriate?

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