cat in the hat

1)-A Choose one of the stories we have read and rewrite from a small part of it from a different narratives point of view. A Cat in the Rain: I like the way it is I said. I get so tired of it, Sally said. I get so tired of looking like a boy. Facing her as she sat on the dressing table, I saw her twiddling with her wedge style pretty brunette hair. I sighed and admired how lucky I was to have her in my life. Back home in Boston, Sally was the Home coming Queen at Central Boston High. We were childhood sweethearts from 6th grade. Sally moved to our neck of the woods in the summer of 1908 with her father Rev. Rex William from down South. Her mother Joanne Beatrice William left her father and took off to Hollywoods world of glamour. Sally was uniquely odd from ordinary timid girls. She had keen interest in sports. I remember getting bullied by neighborhood boys for associating with Sally too much. Those were the careless and restless days. My interest in Sally grew deeper with time. We both were seen together in every major social event in our town. We were the Ideal match for one another. I couldnt possibly imagine life without Sally. A year after our graduation from Boston Central High School, I proposed to Sally and we were married the next day. Life couldnt get more perfect than this. Sally seemed anxious to have our lives filled with little angels. But it had been five years since our marriage and our garden was still unblossomed. The doctors back home tried every diagnosis but to no avail. Then we were led to an auspicious advice from a gynaecologist back home to seek services of Doctor Ivera Cupiccina, a renowned medicinal research scholar in Italy. We moved to Italy with great expectations. Europe of course had go…

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