cavalier modern lyrics

Cole Herman 2/21/00 Per.2 This song eminates the feelings of the modern cavalier, even it’s title is exemplary of the idea of fleeting opportunity. “There Will Never be Another Tonight” is an echo of the poet Robert Herrick’s statement “this same flower that smiles today, tommorow will be dying.” Bryan Adams was definately focusing on seizing the day when he wrote this song, “put on your best dress darlin, can’t you see the time is right.” In other words, “we have only right now, so lets make the most of it.” Expanding on his cavalier attitude is his lack of foresight, or care for the future, it’s all just for a good time, “Idon’t care if it’s wrong or right, we aint got nothin to lose.” He cares for the women he coerces but he knows they will never be faithful lovers as related by John Suckling in The Constant Lover “and that very face, there had been at least ere this a dozen in her place.” She is just another good time, there will never be another tonight, with this girl at least. The author also teases his girl and shows that it is all fun and games for him in a way that is very cavalier by saying plainly “you gotta ride your broom right into my room” suggesting that she’s a witch. He’s not in this for her really, it’s more for him and his image and pleasure and he’s obvious about that “outside the world is waitin’, flash your daimonds shine your lights”. This muician puts the attitude of Andrew marvel (“though we cannot make our sun stand still, yet we will make him run.”) in a modern phrase “There will never be another tonight” but “let the good times roll.” Bibliography the internet …

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