Censorship Since the beginning of art and entertainment society has tried to censor the public from the so called influences of art, television, movies, and music. Censorship is suppose to protect the children from seeing form of sex, violence, profanity and drugs. If its suppose to protect the children from seeing these thing why do I see so many children doing those things. Society blames entertainment and I blame the parents. I believe the only real influence in a child life is their parent. The question is who gives them the right to decide what is morally or unmorally right. In different cultures people view things differently. For example, Jewish people might find something obscene on television that a normal Christian might find all right. Different types of people grow up with different value systems. Art is a prime example, there are naked bodies in paintings and sculptures all through a museum but any child can go see it. What makes those picture different from seeing a naked body in a movie. Censorship also removes some of the creative aspect to art and music. When profanity is removed from certain music, sometimes the whole message of the song changes. By removing the profanity from certain music sometimes changes the whole song around. I think profanity is just use to emphasize certain points an artist is trying to make. Sometimes its just used to make a song stand out or sometimes profanity is necessary to make a point. What if the whole song is based having sex for the first time, the artist wouldnt be able to play it on the radio and thats sad. In my opinion, censorship is only sometimes necessary. I believe the parent of a child should teach there children that everything they see or hear should influence there life. Once that child understands that concept, then that child shouldnt be a victim of censorship. I think that age is around thirteen when a child should realize the diff…

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