Chapter 11 in Psy 101 Exploring Psy 9th edition by Myers ? Journal Article Assignment

Chapter 11 in Psy 101 Exploring Psy 9th edition by Myers ? Journal Article Assignment? Your task is to locate a scholarly research report (not a theoretical review, letter to the editor, opinion paper, etc.) in one of the professional journals from thefield of psy, read enough of the report to answer the questions below. Research reports are the published primary sources ? reports by investigators explaining whythey did their study, how they did there study, what they found, what they conclude and what they intend to do in the future. A research report can usually berecognized by clearly labeled Method, Results and Discussion sections within the body of the paper. (The teacher gave us a list of topics to chose from ? I chose psyand aging.) I hope that is ok. You may have to look at several issues to find one you like related to concepts to Chapter 11 of your textbook. I hope you have accessto this book (Exploring Psy 9th edition by David Myers) Read through the article, paying particular attention to the Method section, so that you can answer theremaining questions: 1.Citation in APA style ? (not important ? I can do that myself after I receive your paper. 2. What were the researchers interested in? What was their hypothesis or what research question were they trying to answer? 3. Who were the participants in the study (how many, what were there characteristics)? 4. How was the research conducted? (Describe what they did) 5. Does this research fit one of the basic research methods we discussed (naturalistic observation, survey/questionnaire, case study of single individual experiment,correctional research? Which? Why do you think so? 6. What do the researchers find? What were their conclusions? 7. How does this article relate to any information in Chapter 11 of our Psy 101 textbook ? (sure hope u have assess to this book):

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