Chaucer Reaction Paper

I’m really not sure how a lot of things I took away from Cheryl Brown’s Lecture related to the Canterbury Tales, but they are worthy of reaction nonetheless. I wonder really if we are limited in the English Language with a word like “love” that can mean so many different things. We have to take the word in context to fully understand its degree. We can find that the word in “I love pretzels” is a lesser degree than “I love my mother.” We do have words that might fit the first sentence: like, enjoy. But, for one, there aren’t too many other words and, two, these words don’t really express the affection love is meant to in the original sentence. So we have these two degrees and a third which is hate: hate, like, love. We really need a word in between true love and like that can express my affection of pretzels. Snow was such a big part of the Eskimos daily like that they developed 30 different words to describe it. Certainly, the need can be understood as well as the ability of snow to have so many different states. Between water and ice we have slush, wet snow, powder, hard snow and frozen snow. We can easily imagine words for more watery slush, wet powder and hard powder. There are many possible degrees that would be important to a society so involved with snow. So the idea of fuzzy logic comes in. It asks the question, how much is what you have snow or how much is my affection for pretzels love on a numerical scale? I think this would help with our words; “I 9love you mom”, “I 7.5love pretzels”. Without getting too much into my personal life, my fiance, who was then my girlfriend, told me that she really, really liked me. Being a big dork I asked her what that meant and told her that it made me uncomfortable. My discomfort could have been eased if she could have told me that she 9.5liked me. Anyone can convert a numerical amount of like or love into the proper emotion! …

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