check paper requirementOrder DescriptionEssay Two (three to four pages, approximately 750-1000 words)The second half of the twentieth century was a time of extraordinary social transformation in South Korea which provided movie makers of the 1990s a lot of material to reflect upon. Compare and contrast Yu-bong (Sopyonje), Chon T?ae-il (A Single Spark) and Kim Yong-ho (Peppermint Candy) in terms of their position in society, the hardships they endured, and how they coped with these hardships. How do the experiences of each of these men exemplify the changes that Korea was going through during the times when they lived?Essays should be typed and double-spaced, and should contain the following information: 1) A clear thesis paragraph; 2) four to six paragraphs that support the thesis; and 3) A concluding paragraph that summarizes your position. Be sure to support your arguments with ideas from both the movies and the readings.(Due March 26th)Academic Integrity and Plagiarism: University policies concerning academic dishonesty will be strictly enforced, and students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with these regulations.RubricRubric for EssayRubric for EssayCriteria Ratings PtsAccuracy and comprehensionview longer descriptionFull Marks50 ptsNo Marks0 pts50 ptsClear presentationview longer descriptionFull Marks40 ptsNo Marks0 pts40 ptsAppropriate formattingview longer descriptionFull Marks5 ptsNo Marks0 pts5 ptsEditing and Mechanicsview longer descriptionFull Marks5 ptsNo Marks0 pts5 ptsTotal Points: 100

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