Chefs? Purveyor Report & Menu Item Study ? (course= Food Theory for Food & Beverage Management ? )

Chefs? Purveyor Report & Menu Item Study ? (course= Food Theory for Food & Beverage Management ? )Objective:To research and evaluate a specific food ingredient from a recipe of your choice. Your assignment should be based on the information acquired through the purveyor (seller), or supplier of your chosen ingredient and the chef who created the dish. By interviewing the chef, find out why he used the particular purveyor, the characteristics of the ingredient, what importance the ingredient plays in the recipe and why the dish would be different without it., etcTreat this assignment as if you were answering the questions of an inquiring patron. Too long, the quest will get bored, too short, the quest may be confused and may have more questions.Method:As industry professionals you will be in charge of educating yourself and others about your work environment. This project focuses on a specific food item of a menu of your choice from an existing restaurant, and providing a story around the food item. This project is meant to be completed in groups of 2 people. Consideration will be taken in the case of an individual effort.The written report (worth 25%) should include:? Researching the story behind a food item of the Menu. You could focus on the purveyor, why the Chef selected this purveyor the history of the purveyor and the product, etc.The written report must be summarised on one page typed in Arial or Times 10 font accompanied by a printed professional cover page (group members, professor, topic, due date, program, etc.) and professionally written.!

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