Chemical Dependency

Chemical DependencyProject descriptionTopic: Chemical DependencyGive a brief description of your chosen research topic. This may include the history of the condition or disability, possible causes, conditions, research, and potential remedies.The victim?s experience creates a myriad of problems that affect many aspects of the victim?s life. nine areas of a persons life that may be impacted by crime victimization.1.Physical. In addition to obvious physical injuries, a victim may suffer nightmares, changes in sleep patterns, extreme fatigue, impotence, extreme weight changes, chemical dependency, or an exaggerated startle response. Often, emotional stress creates physical problems.2.Intellectual. At times, victims may have trouble concentrating. They may be preoccupied with the crime and its results or have flashbacks. The victim may appear to make irrational decisions or suffer from loss of memory. The victim may question the social order in an attempt to comprehend what happened.3.Emotional. The emotional trauma experienced by victims has enormous consequences. Violent crime violates the sanctity and security of a victim?s life and inner self. A victim might suffer a loss of purpose in life. A victim must face feelings of loneliness, depression, sadness, fear, self-pity, and helplessness. Some victims do not want to acknowledge their problems. They might withdraw from others for fear of further pain, or they might attempt suicide. The confusion and chaos in a victim?s life is overwhelming. For some victims, the desire for revenge becomes a destructive force.4.Relational. A major result of a victim?s experience is the disruption of interpersonal relationships. The victim might withdraw from or blame family members and loved ones. The awareness of consequences might be reduced which may lead to ineffective parenting skills, divorce, isolation from family networks, increased risk of family violence and chemical dependency, all of which cause the breakdown of family. Often, a victim is pressured by friends and family to ?get on with your life? and is rejected when he or she cannot comply with others? expectations. Some victims are suffocated by the overprotectiveness of family members.5. Financial. The financial impact on victims is tremendous. A victim might incur expenses for medical treatment and hospitals, funerals, psychological counseling, cooperation with the investigation, and costs of prosecution. Victims may suffer loss of income or even lose their jobs while recovering from physical and emotional injuries. Hidden expenses might exist due to the victim?s lifestyle change, such as a lost college scholarship, because the victim is unable to concentrate on studies; or the victim must pay moving expenses to get away from painful memories of the crime.6.Spiritual. A victim might suffer a loss of faith, because the victim is unable to cope with pious platitudes sometimes offered by clergy and church members. Feelings of guilt and anger interfere with previously held beliefs and value systems. On the other hand, some victims have an increased faith and reliance on their religions. Victims often re-evaluate their spiritual beliefs.7.Employment-Related. After suffering a violent crime, a victim might alter his or her work habits. Some victims become dysfunctional, leading to termination, if prolonged. Others become workaholics and let social and family life suffer.8.Media. Most victims have no prior involvement with the media. After a crime occurs, victims might have to deal with an intrusion of the media in their private lives. Some victims are intimidated by the press. Publicizing the names and addresses of victims can lead to unwanted phone calls or worse results. While some victims suffer from a media blitz, others are angered by the media?s lack of concern for their story.9.Legal and Judicial. Interaction with law enforcement agencies and the criminal justice system can produce a number of problems for victims who are unfamiliar with the process. The police or prosecutor may be insensitive or fail to provide the victim with important information. Victims must learn to cope with postponements and continuances, plea bargains, numerous trips to officials? offices, release and light sentences for the criminal. Victims often have to face the defendant in the courtroom, or in the corridor or waiting room. Victims must confront the realities of a court process that fails to meet their expectations of justice. In many cases, no arrests are made and the crime is never solvedHow might the subject of your research topic (i.e.,Chemical dependency) respond to victimization, and how might their experience uniquely relate to any or all of the nine areas of the victim experience discussed in the lesson?What verbal and nonverbal communication indicators do police officers need to be most aware of when dealing with subjects of your chosen topic?What specific communication techniques should officers employ when interacting with a person affected by your chosen topic?!

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