CholesterolThis is a epidemiol

CholesterolThis is a epidemiological paper with a focus on Cholesterol in relation to cardiovascular diseases.Format ? APA format, Title Page, Table of Contents, Appendices as necessary, diagrams, graphs as appropriate. The paper should have section headings and subheadings as appropriate. Times New Roman 12 fontReferences ? must be that of the American Journal of Public Health. The method utilized by the American Journal of Public health is the following: Number each reference as it is typed and list them numberically in the reference section. No wikipedia. Internet or website references are not allowed except to reference downloaded chart, table or graph and only from a *.gov website.Paper Outline must be followed:Part One ? Medical Information (1.5 single spaces pages maximum)A. Description of the disease1. Definition2. Classification3. Etiology4, PrognosisB. Natural History1. Stages2. SymptomsC. Diagnostic Procedures1. History2. Physical Examination3. Laboratory testsD. Treatment1. Drugs2. Surgery3. OtherPart Two ? EpidemiologyA. Descriptive Epidemiology (Discuss the epidemiology of chosen disease overall and by population subgroups (sex, age, race/ethnicity, socioeconomic statis, trends, geographic locations, etc.)1. Prevalence2. Incidence3. MortalityB. Geographic Distribution1. International

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