Christmas Satire

Today’s Christmas is no longer a celebration of Christ and happiness, but is a celebration of a now fake, commercialized, overweight Santa Claus. The idea of eating yet another turkey dinner while watching a forgettable Disney movie on television brings tears of pain, not joy, to one’s eyes. The main virtues of the holidays have gone from an idealistic white wonderland, to a migraine-causing festival of greed. The Christmas of the past was once a beautiful celebration of the birth of Christ. Families would come together to enjoy the holidays together in a peaceful, loving environment. Children ran around in a pine scented home, clamoring over the presents that Santa had brought the night before. Even if the family was struggling, children would appreciate the hard work and thought put into each gift. At night mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters would curl beside a blazing fire and watch a classic Christmas movie called, “It’s a Wonderful Life”. This is what the true spirit of Christmas should be. The Christmas of the present is not what it used to be. What once was a delightful, Christmas caroling time is now a chaotic, screaming in someone’s face nightmare. Relatives avoid each other for fear of actually reliving bad childhood family moments. Children still run around the house clamoring over presents, but not from under a nice smelling pine tree, but from an aluminum death trap waiting to fall over and spit out sparks of electricity. While the children still enjoy this time, they too have lost all sense of the Christmas spirit. They throw tantrums and scream and shout over the Furby or Pokemon doll that they didn’t get. So what if their parents are having trouble making ends meet, how dare they not be able to buy them that ridiculously expensive toy? Sure they won’t play with it after two weeks, but hear them scream and shout if they don’t have it…

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