Civil Rights

The Bloody Civil Rights It all began in 1875 when the beginning of Civil Rights in American Society began to take place. With the end of the Cold war, came the question of inequality. Who had the right to run the country? Who made the rules? Who enforced equality and the right of all people? But in 1883 the climax to the ruling came with the Civil Rights cases. The court struck down the Civil Rights Act of 1875, which had specifically prohibited segregation in public facilities such as hotels, theaters, parks, restaurants and streetcars. Most blacks at this time neither escaped nor tried to overcome the cold white society. They managed to find other ways to their own economic and social improvement. All of this changed in 1856 when born to slave parents was Booker T. Washington. He worked his way through school and in 1881 founded Tuskegee Institute in Alabama, a vocational school for blacks. It was there he developed the philosophy that blacks best hopes for assimilation lay in at least temporarily accommodating whites. One of the things that Washington strived was that blacks should work hard, acquire property, and prove they were worthy of their rights. Whites including progressives welcomed Washingtons policy of accommodation, because it urged patience and reminded black people to stay in their place. Many black leaders took different views and proposed to handle the problem of segregation differently. W.E.B. Du Bois was an outspoken critic of Washingtons famous Atlanta Compromise. Du Bois was both a progressive and a member of the black elite. Although Du Bois treated Washington with respect, he did not want to settle with white domination. Moreover, Du Bois disagreed with disfranchisement as well. Du Bois believed that a carefully chosen, intellectual vanguard of cultivated, highly trained blacks, otherwise given the name the Talented Tenth, would save the race by setting a…

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