ClassificationChoose Topic 1 or 2 for an essay of two to three pages.Write an essay about someone you know who fits into one of William Golding?s three grades of thinking. You may choose someone you are close to (a friend or a family member), someone you acquainted with (for instance, your minister, a teacher, someone in your neighborhood) or someone who is well-known, such as a politician or a celebrity. You may not write about yourself. Using at least two of Deborah Tannen?s categories from But What Do You Mean (391), analyze the speaking styles of two people you know, male and female. The two people may be a couple, or they may be colleagues, or they may not know each other at all, but you should use specific examples of their speech that either confirm or disprove Tannen?s general classifications. Your paper should be clear, coherent, and focused. Not only should you give examples, but you should also discuss them, explaining why they are significant and relevant to your overall thesis. Whichever topic you choose, your essay should include:An introduction which names the author and title of the essay you are writing about, provides a brief synopsis of the essay, gives an overview of the categories, and states a thesis. A description of each of the categories you are writing about in your body paragraphs that adequately covers all the major elements of that category. Two or more direct quotes from Thinking as a Hobby, or But What Do You Mean. (A good place to include direct quotes would be in listing the characteristics of the categories.) In-text citations for all quotes and paraphrases. As I read your essay, I will be looking for a well-focused, clearly stated thesis that makes a point worthy of development, a clear explanation of the categories you are using, good examples with a discussion of how they fit into the category, and direct quotes and paraphrases woven into your own writing.:

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