Today there are many scientist that want to clone humans and other organisms in order to make the world a better place. Scientist think that if they can clone other life forms, they will one day be able to make organized other such body parts for humans as stated in The Debate Over Cloning. The scientist believe that they can save people lives that are waiting for an organ on a waiting list. It would be a lot quicker and there body wouldnt reject the new organ because it would be made out of their own DNA.. This was also stated in The Debate Over Cloning. In the same article, there were people saying that cloning disrupts the natural way of creating children. Biologist Ezekeiel Emanuel thinks that we will have to sacrifice many human embryos because studies show that in the mice and sheep cloning, that many of them died before or rite after birth, so he thinks we shouldnt try to clone humans either. French scientist have also suggested that cloning might cause health defects to the clone as in the article Cloning May Cause Health Defects. Scientist believe this because many clones develop heart desease or blood clots. Ian Wilmut, one of dolly the cloned sheeps creators, doesnt want to see a human cloned either. Neither does Bill Clinton, who has banned the use of federal funds for human cloning experiments. This was also in The Debate Over Cloning. Cloning has been hitting the headlines ever since February of 1997 when researchers in Scotland actually clones a sheep known as Dolly. They used the DNA from the mammary cell of an adult ewe. Until then mammals had been cloned only from genetic material from embryos. This was in the Los Angeles Times. In the article Send In the Clones, its says that a lot of people think that cloning will create humans who look and think alike. People also think that they may try to clone evil people su…

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